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Friday, June 24, 2005

They've Lost It

H/T to Hillary Now!



And notice the URL of the petition....

I'm sure name-calling will play real well in Peoria!

They really just don't get blogs, blog swarms, or (more importantly) picking your battles. A comment about Libs being weak in the War on Terror now is front page news thanks to their overreaction - and it gets validated thanks to all the whacko things that they've said over the years.

And they never denounced all the "we must understand why they hate us" B.S. years ago and they're not denouncing it now.


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***UPDATE 2***
From one of the petitions signatories:

How are KKKarl's comments more offensive than mine? I take great pride in my ability to spew forth pure divisive venom every time I open my enormous cake-hole. Yeeeaaaarrghhhh!

#2601 - Howie Dean
I find this funny that they are calling for Rove to resign. He isn't going to resign. Nobody is going to pay a political price if he doesn't resign. The president surely won't. Karl Rove certainly won't. Congressman won't either.

He's a staffer at the White House. He doesn't have to run for election. His boss doesn't have to run for election any longer. Compare and contrast to Durbin, who does have to run for reelection. And with Daley calling for an apology (could Daley be thinking of running for the Senate sometime soon?) Durbin had to acquiesce.

Also note that by calling for Rove's resignation they will only draw this out, and make themselves look more like shrill idiots. It would be one thing if they actually had a chance to make him resign. But there's no chance of that, based on what he said. So the more they demand resignation, the longer this is in the news cycle, the more Rove gets to defend his remarks. Which still presents the Dems (some of who would like to run for president) to side with the MoveOn crowd or not.

I can't imagine that Bill Clinton's team would have been suckered by this move. Does anybody think that the Rajin Cajun would recommend calling for Karl Rove's resignation? The longer this debate is in the news cycle the worse it will be for the Dem's.

ARC: Brian

***UPDATE 3***
Even John Kerry is getting in on the act

They have NO CLUE!!! How politically deaf are they?

I humored Kerry and submitted the following:

First Name: Dennis
Last Name: Kucinich
Zip: 20515

I mean... we ALL KNOW that we need a Dept of Peace instead of a Dept of Defense (or Dept of HAlliburton Wars!!)

I sincerely hope that you'll fire Karl Rove so we can let our Islamic masters come show us the light of Sharia!

Dennis Kucinich
Democrat & Venutian

No doubt they won't realize that this is satire... And why is it that each time you question the Left's ability to understand that we're at war, they rhetort with:
[don't] challenge the patriotism of your political opponents

It's like they're hypersensitive about the subject... I don't get my panties in a bind when someone says the republicans are killing iraqi children for halliburton oil... because I know they're stark raving lunatics and their charges have no basis in fact. Ohh... I see... now that I put it that way...

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler