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Saturday, June 04, 2005

A Photo Submission from Monterey John

Here are some photos sent in by Monterey John. Click on each thumbnail image below and you'll see the fullsize image.

A little something to complement the wandering conspirator's photgraphic master pieces...

  1. Da bridge
  2. still da bridge
  3. sunset means FOG
  4. Big Sur
  5. Pacific Grove (Monterey... West Coast conspirator's lair)
  6. Faurot field October 2003 (sometimes even hardcore conspirators get homesick)
  7. Overaged new recruit in his mileu in Big Sur

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The Golden Gate
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The Bridge 2
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Big Sur
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Pacific Grove
Faurot Field - Home of the MU Tigers
Faurot Field, Home of the Univ. of Missouri Tigers. For some reason, whenever I see that field, this starts playing in my head.
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Monterey Jim

Thanks to Monterey Jim for sharing. And thanks to ImageShack for the Free Image Hosting (although you need to tighten up the user interface and the login process).

Your Co-Conspirator,
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