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Monday, June 27, 2005

The party of no ideas resorts to lashing out..... with violence...

From Downleft yesterday:

A lot has been written about Karl Rove's insulting, dishonest and venomous comments directed at liberals recently. While reading an article in the Des Moines Register it occurred to me that the timing of his accusations that liberals would rather offer therapy to terrorists than fight them is not accidental.
Yeah, I was saying the same thing. It's part of a bait strategy to keep the Durbin non-apology in the news cycle. And the Democrats jumped to the bait.
It came right on the heels of Dick Durbin choking up during his apology on the Senate floor. Not only was Durbin too weak to stand his ground, but he had to act weepy when he apologized. Rove is trying to fully emasculate Democrats.
Um.. No, Durbin emasculated himself. He's the one that got all teary-eyed. Personally, I think he was crying because he got a drubbing from Daley.
There's no doubt that this is part of a long-term strategy by Republicans to win the culture war. Their economic policies cause incalculable harm to the average working person, so they have to depress turnout by poisoning the political climate and focusing on symbolic cultural issues they have no intention of legislating.
What sort of strategy? Hoping your opponents act like idiots? It was Durbin that was crying. Rove can't make Durbin act like a cry-baby. Oh and turnout in the 2004 election was the highest since 1968. The "Turnout helps the Dems" meme is sooo 1996....
There's only one way to reverse this tactic in the Democrats favor. Dick Durbin must punch Karl Rove in the face, and not apologize.
Huh? What? Woah!
Please don't take this as a threat or suggestion that I want to harm Rove or that anyone else should. (Seriously secret service guys, you don't have to worry about me)....
Oh whew! You were just being facetious, still, you should be careful with that kind of language...
...It only works if Dick Durbin does it. One hard sucker punch from Durbin to Rove would leave Durbin and all liberals completely vindicated.
Woah! You really meant the punch in the face thing, but only that Durbin could do it? And a "sucker punch" at that?
This will solve everything. Durbin will look like the big man, and Karl Rove will look like the dorky little bitch that he is. Suddenly, Democrats will be back on top in the culture war with rural and male voters. You won't hear any more crap about liberals being wimps who won't fight. Public humiliation is so much better than calling for Rove's resignation.
Um... No, it won't solve anything. Durbin will look like a violent man, and will have to get all teary-eyed and apologize again. And if he didn't apologize, he'd likely be serving time in jail. Assault is a crime after all.

You forget that Rove doesn't run for office. His name isn't on the ballot, the correct response to Rove was to simply ignore him.
John L. Lewis and Huey Long both used the punching strategy to great effect in their professional careers. This is what hard-nosed, populist leaders do. The press and Republicans would loudly condemn Durbin. But deep down, in the back of the minds of most Democrats and rural voters, he would be a hero.
And that just shows how lost the Democrats are! I'll give you a hint. Political parties are about ideas. Ideas about how to govern. Not ideas on how to assault your political opponents' staff members physically. Rural voters are not dumb rednecks that worship people "sucker-punching" someone.
Republicans brought the national debate down to the level of schoolyard bullying. Democrats should show them what that road leads to.
Oh please... You can't be serious... If you are, then your party has already lost. And thats a shame, as this country depends on a two party system. You need ideas, and if your ideas are not accepted by the country, then either modify the ideas, or persuade the country on your ideas. Resorting to violence will not help the matters.

Downer, I'm seriously worried if you think this is the right course of action for Dick Durbin. You seem well connected in Illinois politics. But I can't imagine that anybody on Durbin's staff would seriously entertain your suggestion, and if they do, then even Illinois will be in play in the upcoming elections.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: Brian