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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Nothing more needs to be said about the motives of the MSM

Good news is not coming out of Iraq... Which might - just might - explain the dipping poll numbers on the war.

And while the coverage of the women Marines was probably justified (given the relatively new entrance of women into psuedo-combat roles), a serious discussion of the extent of their injuries was not provided (burns on 15% of their bodies according to my brother-in-law who transported them to better facilities).

Oh, and is the US Military targeting journalists?

The president of the newspaper guild, Linda Foley, says so... Back at the Media Reform conference here in St Louis. (This is becoming an issue again because she recently pulled a durbin.) By the way, her use of the "corporate media" gives us an insight into her politics... methinks she's part of that "liberal/progressive" cohort. Just a guess. I wonder what her thoughts would be on handling the WOT as "primarily an issue of law enforcement?"

check out this video (courtesy of Trey Jackson) of her making inflammatory and baseless accusations:
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Give us the names of the journalists that have been targeted by the US military, Ms. Foley! She's upset that the US military has caught Al Jazeera "journalists" that paid insurgents to attack US soldiers so that they could videotape it. Yeah, that's great journalism...

And here's her non-apology apology, but I'll paraphrase "It was late in the day and by golly you right wingers are evil!" In her apology, she shifts the blame of the deaths from the US military (which she explicitly called out in the conference) to the insurgents. Nice try, Ms. Foley - but we've got the tape!

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