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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Next Big Left Wing movie....

Jeff Goldstein is looking for title suggestions for the new Billy Jack movie. His is:

Billy Jack Goes To Washington To Protest, Tries to Pick Up An Anti-War Chick, and Gets Kicked in the ‘Nads by Her Angry Anarchist Boyfriend Who Calls Him a ‘Dirty Old Bag of Hippie Dust’ Who ‘Needs to Lose That Stupid Hat If You Want Anybody To Take Your Old Ass Seriously’, but that might prove a bit too unwieldy to fit on the poster art.

As to ol' Billy himself. From the NYTimes piece:
"We the people have no representative of any kind," he continued. "It's now the multinationals. They've taken over. It's no different than the 70's, but it's gotten worse. And if you use words like 'impeachment' or 'fascist' you're a nut on a soapbox."

Uh yeah. Billy, you know when people start talking like that, its because they aren't even on the same plane as "We the people" any longer. "Impeachment" and "Fascist" are the trigger words for pretty much confirming you as a nut... Soapbox not required....

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ARC: Brian