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Monday, June 27, 2005

Meanwhile, on the WMD Front

Whatever you do, DO NOT... I'm serious... DO NOT click on this link.

It has information which the MSM, MoveOn.Org, DemocraticUnderground, the Kossacks & the Willies don't want you to see...

Kudos to Gateway Jim for covering this story!

History's Largest WMD Trial Begins

The largest terrorist WMD trial in history is opening in Jordan. 13 Al-Qaida and Al-Zarqawi loyalists are being tried for an attempted and nearly succcessful catastrophic chemical weapons attack on Jordan.
So what else is astounding about this case?

The chemicals are believed to be VX nerve gas. There was 20 tons of the weapons and explosives captured coming into Jordan from Syria. Syria doesn't make VX. Saddam Hussein's Iraq did.

LGF and Powerline also on the prowl

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