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Friday, June 24, 2005

The Leftists on Property Seizure Ruling

The Leftists respond to yesterday's US Supreme Court ruling with:


That's it... Either they don't understand the implications of the USSC ruling yesterday OR they agree that it's a great ruling OR they're disinclined to "judge" their favorite justices that just severely reduced private property rights for average citizens in favor of developers.

Actually, there is this post on Which applaudes the state government of Arizona for having a law against seizures such as this. And it's gotten ZERO comments from anyone. And the poster misses two points

  1. State Laws don't trump federal laws (remember that Civil War thingy?)
  2. Arizona is a state that is DOMINATED by the GOP, showing exactly which party has respect for private property in this country
Or, perhaps they're lack of outrage over the ruling is based on their predisposition that private property is the root of all evil (ala Marx). I bet that if private property could be seized if a socialized healthcare clinic was going to be developed, they'd be cheering.

Nothing on Kos
Nothing on (except some guy drooling over a twinkie)
David Sirota has commented... not outraged over the ruling, just concerned about the political implications this will have on appointing justices in the future... serioulsy.
Nothing on The Raw Story (although there is a story about some woman suing because of a seizure allegedly caused by her bra.)
Nothing on
Nothing from Downer
Nothing from Majikthise

Meanwhile, Cox & Forkum provide this:

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