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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Failure of our Justice System

The acquittal of Richard Scrushy really is a failure of our criminal justice system. It appears that the jurors in Birmingham have about as much sense as the jurors in California.

Scrushy Acquitted of Fraud at HealthSouth

By JAY REEVES, Associated Press Writer Wed Jun 29, 6:36 AM ET

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - Jurors who acquitted Richard Scrushy of directing the massive earnings overstatement at HealthSouth Corp. didn't buy much of a prosecution case that — outside the jury box — many thought was nearly airtight.

All five of the former HealthSouth finance chiefs who took the stand to implicate Scrushy in the fraud had credibility problems, according to jurors who agreed to talk with reporters after the verdict on Tuesday.

And what about secretly made FBI recordings that contained what prosecutors depicted as ironclad proof of Scrushy's role in the $2.7 billion accounting scheme? The jurors said those recordings raised more questions than anything.

"There were a lot of things in those tapes that could go either way," said Juror 546, identified only by court-assigned number.

Scrushy was the first CEO accused of violating the Sarbanes-Oxley corporate reporting law, but the jury acquitted him of that and 35 other charges including conspiracy, fraud, false reporting and money laundering.

This guy really had bad luck hiring 5 crooked CFOs year in and year out. (With that kind of consistency, you have to think that the CEO might have had a role.)

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