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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Conspirator on Leave

Well, I'm not in good ol' St Louis this week... taking the family out to the bluest of blue states for a friend's wedding. (Don't worry, Downer, I'm not in Blagoland.) Here are a few pics. Should be easy to guess where we are...

Future conspirator gets a few moments behind the wheel. Thanks to the good folks at Southwest

A seagull, waiting for a few scraps

hey, what's that island doing out there???

As I find connectivity, I'll post updates... ARC-Brian will be posting on events of the day, as it will be difficult for me to react to breaking news (considering I have a 3 year old and a 2 month old on this trip). I did read this article in Business 2.0, which discusses how IBM, Sony, and Toshiba have partnered to develop a multi-core chip processor, meaning that systems that use it will make X-Box 360 look like a Commodore 64. The example of the article takes satellite photography (publicly available) and topographical information (also publicly available) about a certain set of mountains and it recreates it 3-D, in real time. Current technology took about a day to create a single frame using this data. Not only does this have implications for ultra-real video and gaming, imagine the military uses for this as well. In addition, the sheer ability of this core processor to crunch data is so far beyond what current processors can do, so the application of this new technology is endless.

Business 2.0 also had this story about blogging...

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