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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A view into the Liberal Mind on Abortion

This post on Democratic Underground provides the Left's perspective on abortion. Poster's sister dates a deadbeat criminal from 14-18 and ends up getting pregnant at 18, just prior to graduation and just after her boyfriend gets out of jail. She is distraught and decides to kill the baby by drinking heavily and taking narcotics (have a feeling that it's not the first time she's used, but info not provided). Mother of the girl finally decides to take her to abortion clinic for late term abortion. They get pissed b/c the abortion doc is providing them with medical information about the risks of abortion which he (as an abortion doctor) doesn't believe in (since it might hamper his business), but is required to disclose by the laws of the state of Texas.

Now... she's having sex with a deadbeat at 14... and the family just lets her continue to see this guy. They let her see the guy AFTER he's OUT OF JAIL...

My sister had been in an on-again-off-again relationship since she was 15 with a fellow whom none of us particularly cared for but nonetheless permitted her to see regularly. He was, to put it bluntly, the product of poverty and neglect. He lived with his mother on the other end of town, away from all the fineries of white suburbia. His mother worked pretty much from sun up to late at night to support him, but as a consequence, she was rarely home. He hung out until all hours of the night with some less than admirable individuals. It wasn't long before he went to jail for burglary. No one was terribly surprised.
It seems that the family is too interested in not rocking the boat to help their daughter make the right choices for her life... It seems like they just don't want to get involved.

She's taking drugs and the family allows that to continue.
She had been aware for a while that she was pregnant. That's why she stopped smoking. She had known for at least two months before she told my mother the week she graduated. She admitted that she was terribly frightened and did not know what to do. As wise as it seemed for her to stop smoking, she soon reversed course. She began not only to smoke, but to drink and abuse narcotics as well. She wasn't doing these things for fun, either. She had a plan.

But it was fruitless. Trying to poison the life inside her was doing nothing except possibly damaging the fetus. It wasn't killing it. By the time month four arrived, she was desperate. My mom knew something was up, and confronted her about it on the Wednesday before her big day. Seeing no other option, she admitted to it.
I think there are significant problems with the family which are "root causes" for the poor decisions by this girl. Perhaps it's best that she had an abortion, given the immaturity not only of the girl, but of the entire family. The poster provides personal grief that he experienced (directed at the experience that the daughter had to endure, not that of the child in her womb).

And the poster decries the fact that right-wing fundie conservatives would force her to have a baby that has defects, failing to recognize that if there was any defects, they were likely caused by the irresponsibility of her sister (and the family).

But, the DUers in their subsequent atta boys to each other miss the entire point of the conservative argument over abortion... Yes, we don't like abortion, but we especially don't like the fact that it's a "Constitutional Right" imposed by the courts. (What other Constitutional Rights should be "safe, legal, and rare"?) If the Left thinks that it has a compelling case for why abortion should be legal and available to all, they should persuade their fellow citizens and enact legislation to that effect in the State or Federal legislatures. But please don't insert your personal moral preferences into the Constitution.

Heck, as a conservative I'd support federal legislation providing abortion if it removed it from the Constitution. Abortion would then be a matter to be debated and discussed, instead of something which causes us all to have a food fight over. I think most Americans would agree with my position on the matter, that:
  1. Abortions should be safe, legal, and rare
  2. Minors should have parental notification (unless in the case of incest)
  3. Late-term/partial birth abortions should be illegal
  4. Consultation with a doctor about the nature of the procedure (perhaps including an ultrasound) should be the norm, as with any medical procedure
  5. back-alley abortion providers should be prosecuted and jailed
I would prefer that there would be zero abortions... but I think the best way to achieve that is through persuasion on an individual basis, not through the courts.

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ARC: St Wendeler