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Monday, May 23, 2005

Thanks, Johnny!!!

Well, a minority of the minority have agreed to do their duty on 3 appointees to the Appeals Courts and shirk their responsibility on the other 2. In an even greater display of the cojones of this bunch, Bobby Byrd (D-KKK) and John Warner (R-VA) want to set up a panel to make recommendations to the President on who they would like him to appoint. Where in the words "advise and consent" do Warner and the Grand Kleagle see the words "appoint for the President." you want to talk about a Consitutional crisis - we haven't avoided one... we've just stepped into one. The Senators have said they wouldn't filibuster in the future unless it was for "extraordinary" reasons... Well, why do I have the feeling that any appointee not cleared by the Warner/Byrd panel will be considered "extraordinary" and justify a filibuster. (UPDATE - My fears are correct regarding this attempted power grab by the Senate)

Thanks, Johnny!!!

Michelle Malkin has more... Scared Monkeys has the roundup and insight as well

Olbermann's Countdown (which is unbearable to watch) has Craig Crawford on and he sees this as the Dems blinking... I'm sorry, but anything that limits the President's ability to nominate who he wants and have a vote on those nominees is a defeat for the GOP. We have just seen 7 GOP Senators (1) give the use of the filibuster on judicial nominees some level of legitimacy and (2) changed "advise and consent" in the Constitution to "whatever a dozen Senators think."

btw, isn't any Supreme Court nomination "extraordinary"???

***UPDATE 2***
Jeesh... Olbermann is just unwatchable.

And Mr McCain... If you did want to run for Pres in '08, methinks that you're going to have probs in the primaries.

Meanwhile, Ollie Willis is too busy unwrapping the Twinkies to comment...

And anytime the Kossacks are cheering, you can bet that it's not a "win" for the GOP.

***UPDATE 3***
Reid's using language like radical arm of the right wing republican party... Hey, when the other side can continue to use this type of language, it certainly sounds like a great compromise.

BTW, if you thought the MSM and the dems were energized over these Appeals court nominees, wait until the GOP has to consider the nucular ;-) option on the 1st US Supreme Court nominee.

I see this as a total trainwreck... Captain Ed agrees....

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