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Monday, May 30, 2005

System of a Downer

Update - Memorial Day for the Left!

Nice try, Downer... I appreciate you trying to make a coherent statement for a change, but you've failed yet again. Here is what you wrote about me:

Finally, the conservative heckler St. Wendy from RovianConspiracy wrote:
"The official US Govt Policy regarding how the Koran should be handled is official government policy. If a soldier violated that policy (after the policy was put in place), that soldier is subject to disciplinary action."
In other words he's blaming the troops for whatever happened. Holding Bush responsible for anything is completely out of the question. That's very much like the Administration's approach to prosecuting Abu Ghraib. The Defense Department is perfectly happy prosecuting enlisted soldiers who all claim they were following orders. They're not going up the chain of command to determine ultimate responsibility because who knows where that might lead?

In other words??? If you're going to lie, you really should alert your readers in a more appropriate way, such as replacing "In other words" with "Now, I'm a humorless, kneejerk Anti-American Leftist and although there are no facts to support the following..."

If a soldier violated official US government policy, what should be the recourse? Should they not receive disciplinary action? If not, why would any soldier follow official government policy? Failure to enforce US policy through disciplinary action would bring about the chaos that you seem to want... Also, if you don't enforce US policy, wouldn't THAT be a reason to blame Bush for the inappropriate conduct of the soldiers? You seem to want to hold Bush and his administration accountable for the actions of some soldiers, even if their actions are against US policy.

With regard to the specifics of the Koran "mis-handling" situation, I believe that the "mishandling incidents" took place BEFORE an official policy was developed, so soldiers were treating it like they would treat the Bible or other books. The US government instituted stricter guidelines to prevent such insensitive handling in the future. If Bush and the Dept of Defense failed to enforce these guidelines, wouldn't THAT mean that they were complicit in any mishandling incidents? I'm not sure you know how things work in the real world, Downy...

And where do you think those Koran's came from?? The US government gave them to the detainees, has now trained the guards on how to handle them, and now provies them with visitation from US Army imams and time for prayer. Meanwhile their compatriots and our enemies in Iraq and Afghanistan sever heads with dull blades on TV, burn people alive and place their bodies on display, and target innocent civilians that are simply looking for a better future. That we have only 5 incidents of mishandling the Koran in 4 years of the War on Terror is quite an accomplishment in my opinion. For some reason, nothing that our soldiers or our President does will satisfy you... And you'll believe the worst about both the soldiers and their leadership, regardless of the source. I'm not clear how President Bush or Secretary Rumsfeld can be held responsible for a Koran dropping out of the hands of a prison guard thousands of miles away... You seem to find Bush, Rumsfeld, and Rove behind every negative incident - assigning them responsibility for things far beyond their control. Yet, this isn't a standard that you apply equally to Kofi Anan (Oil-For-Fraud, Pedophilia Peace Keeping, etc, etc). It seems that only certain leaders can be faulted by you...

Do you want to honor the troops? Then let them finish their job without your constant harping that they're not acting in a manner that you find unacceptable. The best way to dishonor the troops would be to bring them home - that would truly demean the effort of those that paid the ultimate price for the freedom and safety of Iraqi civilians and Americans alike. If you want a soldier's death or injury to be in vain, then fail to accomplish the strategic goal for which they died. As you know, my brother-in-law is one of those soldiers in Qatar/Iraq and you're one lucky SOB that he's over there representing the American people - even sick, twisted freaks like yourself. If you knew any servicemen/women, you'd understand that bringing them home without allowing them to complete their mission is the worst thing that we could do... I know, I know - You just want to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, primarily to further your political aims. But fortunately, you're definitely in the minority on this and other issues.

You criticize Rumsfeld for using an autopen to sign condolences to families that have lost a loved one in service to this great country. Do you think Eisenhower signed these letters? Do you think McNamara signed them during Vietnam??? No, in many instances they were simple telegraphs to the next of kin...

Downer, I've told you numerous times to "chill out," take it easy, and have extended a friendly hand in our discussions, closing with "Howdy, Neighbor" or asking what part of IL you're in. I've tried to meet you on common ground over Child Labor laws and how best to combat it, yet you immediately sought out the differences in our positions instead of recognizing the opportunity to agree on something. I tried to engage you on a personal level so there'd be more comity between us. But your hatred for anyone to the right of Lenin has really consumed you... Well, after these past few weeks, I realize that you may be a lost cause... there may be no hope to have an actual discussion of the issues with you. When you say that I'm blaming the troops, you're completely off your rocker.

Besides, anyone who laments that MayDay isn't a national holiday here in the US and only uses Memorial Day to make cheap political jabs is someone who represents the most extreme of extremists. Compare your Memorial Day "tribute", full of its partisan shots and mine, which truly hopes that those that read it will remember all of those who "gave the last full measure of [their] devotion." Do you see any reference to politics in my post about Memorial Day?

I am truly sorry for you... Please read this Memorial Day article from Mark Steyn in 2004 - perhaps it will help provide you with some perspective. Or I'd also recommend anything from my favorite historian (who happens to be a Democrat), Victor Davis Hanson.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler