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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Rather Delusional

H/T Ed Morrissey at CQB.

"The Peabody Awards, administered by the University of Georgia's Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications, honor excellence in both radio and television broadcasting."

Somehow, the good folks at UGA's college of Jounralism thought Mary Mapes & Dan Rather personified this. Although, to be fair... it was for their abu ghraib story and not the TANG story. Sure, the US Military was already investigating it, but man... they had the PHOTOS!

Here's a link to the other winners of the award

Well, I'm sure it was great times when Dan & Mary got to see each other again. Unfortunately, Mary still thinks the docs are real.

Rather, Mapes Reunited at Peabodys

By Staff -- Broadcasting & Cable, 5/16/2005 4:21:00 PM

Mary Mapes, the producer of the 60 Minutes II Abuse At Abu Ghraib, was on hand as the 64th Annual Peabody Awards were officially handed out at a New York luncheon Monday, and so was Dan Rather.

Neither she nor correspondent Dan Rather spoke publicly about the elephant in the room—the later discredited 60 Minutes II report about President Bush’s National Guard record that got Mapes and others fired, and led to Rather’s accelerated departure from anchoring The CBS Evening News.

Rather, accepting the award, thanked producers and behind-the-scenes folks at CBS News for the Abu Ghraib effort, but never mentioned CBS News President Andrew Heyward. [He especially thanked Specialist Lynndie Englund, whose natural abilities in front of the camera made his job that much easier.]

After the ceremony, Mapes, who is writing a book, said she never believed that CBS News investigated whether the disputed facts behind the National Guard story, were in fact true. “They made a corporate decision, not a journalistic one,” she said. She also defended the suspect documents, which many said were phonies because they produced a small “th” typically used with dates (like 30th) that experts say typerwriters of the Vietnam War era were incapable of producing. “We know it was possible because we have other documents” from the same era, she said.

Not a journalistic decision??? And honey... (and B&C) - there was much more that was wrong with those docs besides just the "th." Oh, and if you really want to authenticate those puppies, give us your source so we can trace them, you ingnorant .... TWIT!!!

She's delusional... I'm deeply concerned. I wonder what percentage of MSM journalists think the way she does... it would be an interesting poll.

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