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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Prophecy of Bill Hicks

I'm not sure what this has to do with a big, juicy burger... Paris Hilton just doesn't do it for me - perhaps because I've heard her talk. By the way, where is NOW on this ad?

But, two observations:

  1. If I weren't on Atkin's right now, I'd go buy a burger from the local Hardees...
  2. Fortunately, I haven't seen this on TV yet and I haven't had to shield my 3 year old's eyes from this.... I know, all you lefties will tell me to chill out... my little guy needs to be exposed to this stuff and you can't stop them from learning about this stuff and we need to educate them on this stuff early. (But, of course - you're all nuts if you think that).

Just kidding about having an urge to go buy a burger from Hardee's... The commercial really doesn't make me...ummmm.... hungry...

It appears that we've reached the point that Bill Hicks mentioned in his standup performances before he died, where ads would essentially be porn...
I'll tell you the commercial they'd like to do, if they could, and I guarantee you, if they could, they'd do this, right here. Here's the woman's face, beautiful. Camera pulls back, naked breast. Camera pulls back, she's totally naked. [...she's, ummmm, exposed] and it just says, "Drink Coke." Now I don't know the connection here, but goddamn if Coke isn't on my shopping list that week. "Dr. Pepper." "Snickers, satisfying." (Mouth-guitars "I Can't Get No Satisfaction") Damned if I'm not buying these products! My teeth are rotting out of my head, I'm glued to the television, I'm as big as a [...] couch. "More Snickers, more Coke!"

Yeah, that's essentially what I just saw... I'm definitely in the South Park conservative camp, but I think that even the South Park creators would make fun of this commercial

BTW, the ad execs could've made fun of themselves and these types of ads) and had a bigger hit...

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