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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

NRO on South Park Conservatives

Kathryn Jean Lopez, editor of National Review Online, sits down with Brian Anderson, the author of South Park Conservatives for a short Q&A. It's an interesting discussion... I particularly enjoyed this observation regarding Fox News, which is continually characterized as Faux News by the Left:

Sure, Fox is more conservative than the media mainstream, but that, after all, was its founding purpose — to provide a haven for viewers who disliked the liberal bias prevalent on other stations. I think the media critic Jon Friedman gets it right: “The success of Fox is not the result of Fox being right-wing. It’s because they did such a good job of reaching out to the right-wing TV audience.” What liberals criticize as Fox’s “right-wing propoganda,” I think — and Jonah Goldberg, I believe, has made this point — is often just its pro-American stance in reporting war on terror stories: calling terrorists “terrorists” or “thugs” and referring to “our” troops, for instance. That a pro-American attitude should be viewed as “Republican” or “conservative” by many liberals helps explain why they’re having political difficulties these days.

indeed... read the whole interview - it's an interestig read.

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