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Thursday, May 26, 2005

MIchael Moore's Freedom Fighter Seriously Wounded

The Washington Post reports that Abu Musab Zarqawi has been shot in the lung... Let's hope he dies soon.

Reports: Zarqawi Shot in Lung
Marines and Iraqis Launch Major Offensive in Volatile West

By Ellen Knickmeyer
Washington Post Foreign Service

BAGHDAD, May 25 -- Insurgents said Wednesday in interviews and statements on the Internet that the leader of the group al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab Zarqawi, was struggling with a gunshot wound to the lung. One of Zarqawi's commanders said the Jordanian guerrilla was receiving oxygen, heightening suspicion that the groundwork was being laid for an announcement of his replacement or death.

In the volatile western province of Anbar, meanwhile, U.S. Marines clashed with gunmen in their second major offensive there this month. A combined U.S. and Iraqi force of roughly 1,000 troops killed 10 insurgents as it began a sweep of Haditha, the U.S. military said. The offensive followed an increase in insurgent attacks on Marines posted at a dam near that small city, 125 miles northwest of Baghdad.

Among the 10 dead fighters was a man identified by residents as a cleric who was shot as he fired on troops with an AK-47 assault rifle, the U.S. military said in a statement.

On the second day of reporting about Zarqawi's condition, insurgents offered no tangible evidence that he had suffered a potentially fatal wound. Some of Zarqawi's rank-and-file fighters and one of his top lieutenants have said he was wounded in an ambush by U.S. Marines and Iraqi forces over the weekend around the western city of Ramadi. A U.S. military official, Lt. Col. David Lapan, said Wednesday that he had found no record of such an ambush.

The insurgents' accounts suggested that steady U.S. and Iraqi military pressure was taking a toll on Zarqawi's group. In an interview Tuesday, the Zarqawi lieutenant, Abu Karrar, said his group was weighing both foreigners and Iraqis as possible successors to Zarqawi if he died.
Hani Sibaie, who runs a London-based Islamic affairs research center, told the AP that al Qaeda in Iraq's call for Muslims to pray for Zarqawi meant he was in serious condition. "It is obvious that he is dying and his days are numbered," Sibaie said.

A leader in Zarqawi's organization, identifying himself by the battlefield name Abu Jalal Iraqi, said in an interview that Zarqawi's health "wasn't easy."

"He is wounded in his right lung, in which the bullets crossed and remained in his back," Iraqi said. Zarqawi, who is about 39, "is being given respiration," the aide said, without elaborating.

Sorry, Mr. Moore - I hope you don't shed too many tears over your injured Freedom Fighter.

The only mention on Moore's site about this? (First you have to read through a ton of anti-American, anti-military filth...

Osama and Zarqawi ("The Bush Twins") are planning an Islamic state. (But is Zarqawi's reign as al Qaeda Idol over?)
Mr. Moore seems to either be neutral about Zarqawi's wounding... or upset that he won't be able to create an Islamic state with his "Bush Twin" Osama.

Gateway Pundit has more...
A Web site statement posted Thursday and signed in the name of al-Qaida in Iraq said the militant group has appointed an interim leader for Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who's purportedly been wounded. But a subsequent posting shortly afterward disputed the claim.

The authenticity of the postings could not be verified. does Scared Monkeys (recently added to the blogroll!)

***UPDATE 2***
I'm sorry... but shot in the LUNG?!? If you get shot in the lung, your hours on this planet are numbered. This is reminiscent of Arafat's "Not Dead Yet" saga... I have feeling that these reports are merely the chieftains in Al Qaeda fighting over the scraps of Zarqawi's organization.

***UPDATE 3***
Nutjob rantings from an American Leftist errr, journalist in Moscow. first, his bio:
Chris Floyd is an American journalist. He writes the weekly Global Eye political column for The Moscow Times and St. Petersburg Times. His work also appears in The Ecologist, The Nation, CounterPunch, Christian Science Monitor, Bergen Record, Columbia Journalism Review
Yep, it's a who's who of Leftist whackjob outlets.

Then, the nuttier bits of this post:
Road to Damascus: Next Step for the Crawford Caligula?

Corrente notes some ominous moves of US Naval forces sent on an "unexpected mission" to "support anti-terrorist efforts" in "the Balkans and the Middle East." Meanwhile, Condoleeza Rice has moved from condemning Syria for "not doing enough" to stop insurgents moving across its borders into Iraq to blasting Damascus for knowingly allowing insurgents to stage their operations on Syrian soil. And US forces in Iraq are carrying out large-scale attacks near the Syrian border. How long before "hot pursuit" of insurgents carries them into Syria itself, or some other border incident -- contrived or genuine -- gives rise to war fever among the chickenhawks of the Potomac?

All the recent Zarqawi noise seems to be part of this buildup as well. Would a jihadi website controlled or supporting Zarqawi really be posting a stream of stories about his being wounded, taken out of action, passing on the baton to an aide, etc.? Wouldn't they instead be singing the praises of their invicible leader, or other such freeper-like propaganda? One possibility is that it's dat ole debbil psy-ops at work again -- possibly setting up a scenario that finds the "jihadis" confessing that their boss is safe and sound in Syria: yet another casus belli for Bush agression.

Wow... imbecility on a massive scale.

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