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Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day for the Left

Downer's post from the other day is the motivation for this post... My Memorial Day tribute is here.

The Left's idea on how best to honor our troops currently serving?


Let's increase the number of troops on the ground, increasing the American presence in the country when we should be increasing the native forces.

Let's bring the troops home now, despite the fact that the foreign government wants us to stay, the "freedom fighters" are still killing innocent civilians (including women and children). God knows that our soldiers were never more respected than after our "success" in Vietnam.

The Left's idea of a war hero? A guy who was so self-absorbed and thought he was the second coming of John F Kennedy (you know, because he had the same initials) that he signed up for duty reminiscent of PT-109. Someone who is so convinced that he'll want to cash in on his valor in the future that he takes his comrades in arms back to the scene of battle, to re-enact events. Someone who, upon his return to the states, publicly denigrated his fellow soldiers still are fighting and dying on the battlefield. Someone whose vision of victory in Vietnam was "Peace through Defeat". Someone who wanted to remove US presence from Vietnam and reduce the fighting capability of the native forces in South Vietnam so Ho Chi Minh's forces could roll through Saigon, forcing many to leave their country in order to escape the depravity and cruelty of communism. Someone who years later, after seeing Apocalypse Now, creats a story of running a CIA agent and weapons into Cambodia... without any facts to support it.

Downer - if you truly wanted to give a less partisan Memorial Day "tribute" to the troops, you could've posted the following... feel free to copy/paste into your blog, if you wish... just give me a H/T. ;-)

Happy Memorial Day!

Just wanted to remind everyone of the true reasons for this day - to honor all of those throughout our history who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. This includes those that have fallen in wars which I don't support, such as our current efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. But now that we're committed to these efforts, let's achieve our objective as quickly as possible, so that those still serving in Iraq can return home safely. A hasty retreat this Memorial Day would likely cause Iraq to spiral out of control and thereby ensure that those who made the ultimate sacrifice would truly have died in vain. So, let's accomplish the mission and get our people back home - and give the Iraqis and the rest of the Middle East a brighter future.

While I may not always agree with the mission assigned to our soldiers, they deserve the support of the entire country in any endeavor upon which this country sends them. And yes, I don't agree with the President - but more Americans apparently do, as evidenced by the election in 2004. So, for today, I'll just say - Let's Roll!

It's your inability to pass up an opportunity for a partisan shot, even when it's a time to honor our country's war dead, that makes me recognize that you are truly a fringe extremist.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler