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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Madame Huffenstuff's Huffington's Blog

Ok, reading Arianna Huffington's site (The Huffington Post - how friggin' original) is making my eyes bleed...

here are two posts that I'm s'posed to click the "read more" button...

There's this gem... by Norman Mailer:

Intelligence 101A

I'm beginning to see why one would want to write a blog. At present, I have a few thoughts I can certainly not prove, but the gaffe over the Michael Isikoff story in Newsweek concerning the Koran and the toilet is redolent with bad odor. Who, indeed, was Isikoff's supposedly reliable Pentagon source? One's counter-espionage hackles rise. If you want to discredit a Dan Rather or a Newsweek crew, just feed them false information from a hitherto reliable source. You learn that in Intelligence 101A.

Counter-espionage often depends on building "reliable sources." You construct such reliability item by secret item, all accurate. That is seen by the intelligence artists as a necessary expenditure. It gains the source his credibility. Then, you spring the trap.

As for the riots at the other end, on this occasion, they, too, could have been orchestrated. We do have agents in Pakistan, after all, not to mention Afghanistan.

Obviously, I can offer no proof of any of the above. There still resides, however, under my aging novelist's pate a volunteer intelligence agent, sadly manque. He does suggest that the outcome was too neat. It came out too effectively for one side, one special...

followed by this, from richard bradley (?)
Was Newsweek Set Up?

Interesting post by Norman Mailer. I know what he means: The way this Newsweek fiasco has played out is a little too neat, and the White House has jumped on it almost as if they knew it was coming.

The question I'd ask, though, is not whom, but why? Would Karl Rove or someone at the Pentagon really plant such a volatile item just to discredit the MSM? The MSM seems to have done a pretty good job of that all by itself of late.

Granted, the leaker couldn't have known just how violent the reaction would be, but still, it seems like playing with fire for a relatively trivial benefit.

Unless, maybe, it was someone inside the Administration who wanted to discredit the "war on terror," or the Pentagon, or the White House, and was willing to use Newsweek to do it. Someone trying to oust Don Rumsfeld, for example. Now, that would be interesting.....

Holy cr@p.... there's no way this site will make it. Occam's Razor my friends... or see the old Chinese adage at the bottom of this site (The longer the explanation, the greater the lie)

Besides, she's got too many folks writing for the site, thus there's no "voice" for the site. And then you add all the nutballs that Arianna loves to surround herself with (perhaps in order to make her feel more sane?), and you've got a disaster. Add to that the elitism that this site just oozes and you have something which is difficult to stomach.

I think she sees it, too... doesn't look to happy...

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