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Monday, May 02, 2005

The Left is Serious about the War On Terror?

H/T to that all around super guy, Eric Blumrich

Think the Left is serious about the War On Terror? (I'll wait until you stop laughing.)

This film propaganda by John Pilger proves that we can't trust the Left with our safety. In the closing minutes of the film, Afghanistan and Iraq are described as "unprovoked wars of aggression" which require prosecution ala the Nuremberg Trials of the Nazi leadership after World War II.

Pilger interviews several high profile folks, such as Bill Kristol, John Bolton, Douglas Fife, etc, etc. He also has plenty of whackjob lefties in there, too. Oh, and evil background music when showing official government documents and conservatives.... Just masterful.

Charles Lewis of the Center For Public Integrity states that there is no war on terror... "we're not at war"

BTW, there's a good clip of Bolton challenging the reporter, John Pilger, on his political affiliation. It brings some light to where Pilger is coming from (I'm not sure why Pilger left it in).

Bolton: So, are you a member of the Labour Party (in the UK)?
Pilger: No, the Labour party is a bunch of conservatives...
Bolton: Oh, so you're a member of the communist party then...

Bolton certainly fits the image of a blunt speaking guy who won't let b.s. go unchallenged. I say we send him to the UN!

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