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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Flush this....

One thing about the Huffington Post. It sure is fun to fisk the articles. I thought the Kossacks and Oliver were whacko, nothing compared to the whacko's at the Huffington Post.

Today, there is a post by Kristen Breitweiser, equating the NEWSWEEK scandal with the information the CIA disseminated about potential chemical weapons in Iraq. Information they got from a source called Curveball.

In Kristen's twisted logic, because there have been calls for Isikoff's resignation for pushing a story that was false and caused loss of life, so to there should be calls for Bush to leave for believing the information from the CIA.

This is laughable, simply because of one fact. Bush was the consumer of the information, just like the public was the consumer of the NEWSWEEK story. Nobody is saying the public should be fired because NEWSWEEK got it wrong.

The one who should be fired for Curveball was George Tenet. And while it took a while, that's exactly what happened.

But in the left's worldview, everything is a Rovian Conspiracy, and Bush is the ultimate target for any action. The American people had a chance to fire Bush just a few months ago, you may have remembered it, it was called an election. They elected to keep him on for another four years.

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ARC: Brian