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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Elevating the level of the Debate

H/T Drudge

Yeah, the Left really likes to discuss the issues. They're never the ones to come up with simple, bumper-sticker slogans (can't believe I just wrote that). It's the Left that is truly from the intellectuals.... (or that!) They're always interested in discussing the issues and elevating the level of the debate.

Oh, wait... Everything above is b.s. Check this out. Frist as the the evil emperor from Star Wars, blowing the US Capitol into oblivion.

[ed - Or it could be Frist as evil Anakin]

Thanks, Moron.Orgers - There's NO WAY that this ad persuades anyone to your side.

By the way, it's interesting that when you put the issues that these judges have ruled on in front of the American people, a majority of the people agree with their decisions, such as Owen's decision to enforce a statute passed by the Texas legislature that required parental notification for girls under 14 to have an abortion. Oh, and check out this post with the links to the Pew results on the issues...

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