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Monday, May 02, 2005

DownLeft - I call 'em as I see 'em

Down With The Left DownLeft has this post, sobbing over the fact that May Day celebrations (!!!!) aren't popular here in the US.

Happy May Day!

May Day is one thing other nations do better.
There were at least two May Day marches in the US organized by people who are probably even more liberal than I am, which is not easy to do. Let's watch as they're ignored by the corporate media!

I noticed that all the May Day articles in the US media focus on rallies in Cuba, even though rallies in other nations were more newsworthy. I guess May Day is only for communist dictators. Although, it's still interesting to hear that Castro accused the US of harboring a known terrorist, since that was one of the justifications for the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan.

It's ironic that May Day is so completely ignored in the US since it became an international holiday as a result of the Haymarket Riots and a push for the eight hour work day right here in Illinois.

posted by DownLeft @ 2:40 PM
Hey, Downy.... that was 125 years ago... and I think we've got a happy balance between capitalism and social safety nets already, thank you very much. Anything more and we'll end up with unemployment and economic growth similar to Germany and France.

I put DownLeft on my Lefty Whacko blogroll weeks ago... and boy, was I right on that one.

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