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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Blagoyavieclhadlfalfd... Ummm

Well, it looks like Rod Blagoya Blagojevich (thank God for copy/paste) isn't impressing the editorial board of the Post-Dispatch which on any given day has op-eds that could be pulled straight out of here. Ok, perhaps not that bad, but bad enough to keep me from subscribing.

Anyway, it looks like the P-D is shocked, just shocked, that Rod is giving contracts to people that contribute to Dem polticians.

IN 2002, Rod Blagojevich ran for governor of Illinois pledging to "end business as usual." Three years later, we have business as usual ad nauseam.

Contractors who give money to politicians land juicy state contracts. Cronies and kin of politicians land state jobs. Merrily they roll along, wasting taxpayers' money.

The latest example comes in a blistering report from longtime Illinois Auditor General William Holland, a Democrat and a man so press-shy that he has given only one press conference in a dozen years. That was last week, and it was a doozie.
According to the Chicago Tribune, "The management firm's leadership includes Richard Stein, a prominent developer who has donated more than $68,000 to politicians, including at least $3,000 to Blagojevich and nearly $9,000 to (state Attorney General Lisa) Madigan. A former Chicago purchasing director runs the firm, which subcontracts to a company run by the godson of Cook County Board President John Stroger."

Their company was the only bidder allowed to change its offer after bids were submitted. Other contracts were awarded to companies who helped write the state specifications for those very contracts. That's pushing cozy awfully close to corrupt.

A Post-Dispatch review of political donations found that five of the seven consulting firms named in the audit have made campaign donations to Blagojevich in the past few years totaling more than $90,000.

These revelations come on top of other instances in which big contributors landed big state contracts. For example: A $200 million prison health contract to a company that gave the governor's campaign $10,000. A $214,000 consulting contract was awarded to a firm that contributed $20,000 to a Blagojevich political fund.

There may be more to come. The auditor said he couldn't find proper documentation to support $550,000 in expenses charged to the state by seven different state contractors hired by the seven Central Management Services Department.

In other words, it's business as usual.
I'm sure the P-D wouldbe shocked, just shocked, to learn that dead people voted overwhelmingly for Kennedy back in 1960.

It'd be interesting to get Downy's take on this matter... Even though s/he is a big Lefty, I think Rod doesn't do it for Downy. Perhaps he's too conservative.

Hey, at least I can be proud of my Governor.

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