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Monday, April 25, 2005

Vermont after Jumpin' Jim

From this WaPo story, which has an interesting blurb about Dean trying to poll what happened with values voters in the Midwest... (With a clueless guy like this headin the DNC, the GOP won't have an troubles. I could tell him what the prob was for about 1/10th of what he paid the pollsters.)

Anyway, it looks like MoveOn.Orgers want Rep. Bernie Sanders (Socialist-VT) to run for Senate and he's up for it if the Dems will consent.

Vermont Battle Takes Shape

The liberal group wants to flex its muscles in the U.S. Senate seat that opened up last week when Vermont's James M. Jeffords (I) unexpectedly announced his retirement.

In an e-mail message, Vermont MoveOn members were asked to weigh in on whether the group should support Rep. Bernard Sanders (I-Vt.), who has said he will run and has the blessing of a number of Democratic leaders.

The message said he has been "a hero on many of MoveOn's issues" and argued that, if Sanders becomes the consensus progressive candidate and raises money quickly, "he could make Republican contenders think twice before jumping into the race."

Perhaps, but Republicans see an opportunity to pick off a seat in Vermont, and among those thinking of running is Gov. Jim Douglas, who has won two tough elections in a row and could frustrate Democratic hopes of winning.
Yeah, just what the Dems need.. an ueber-leftist Senator with a Socialist Party USA label after his name, parroting their slogans and message. Let's be honest, here. Is there really any difference between the libs (ala Boxer, etc) and Bernie Sanders or the CPUSA? They certainly take similar positions on the issues....

Brian adds: Oh please, please, please! Pretty please with sugar on top? Run Bernie, run! I'll bet we'll have Bernie's ads (and endorsement of him) running in every Red-state senate race as well. Nothing will tarnish the "conservative dem's" having to run in red states more than having to defend the Democratic party actively supporting the socialist candidate. And one that looks like a loon at that.

St Wendeler adds:I'm sure it'll make our friendly neighbor Down With The Left DownLeft in Carbondale, IL proud to be a whackjob Lefty... "Finally, a Socialist Progressive in the Senate!" I just love (his/her?) list of links... it's a who's who of the Moonbats:
Circumvent the corporate media
Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center
Common Dreams
Democratic Underground
Air America Radio
Democracy Now!
I must be part of that corporate media... or perhaps too buried in the Matrix to grasp reality. Or something like that...

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