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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sokwanele Update on Zimbabwe

This post from Sokwanele's blog shows why it's so important that the foreign election monitors really should have done everything in their power to document election fraud. There's plenty of evidence of intimidation, but it doesn't appear that they'll consider "troubling" anything other than violence.

Why do South Africans deserve basic human rights, but we dont?
It seems to me that as long as there is no violence that the observers see with their own eyes, these elections are going to be declared free and fair by the group of friends that Mugabe invited to his party. Anyway, it is a joke for them to suddenly say 'no violence, therefore free and fair'. We all know there was a lot of violence during the last elections and that didn't stop these same people declaring the elections free and fair then either. If violence is an issue, then what were they doing the last time?

Anyway, they're all missing the point. Even if there was no violence at all, no intimidation, no fear, no manipulation, Zimbabweans would still vote for the opposition, any opposition.

You try living in a country where life expectancy is 38 years, where we have the worst AIDs stats in the world but can't even afford to buy an asprin, where elderly pensioners who have no money have to take care of all their grandchildren after their own children have died, where parents can't get jobs and have to choose which of their children they'll educate over others, where eating rats has become a reasonable alternative to meat, where we can't afford to buy a bus ticket to go to the rural areas. You try living in a country where waving at the president has become a crime, or joking about a corrupt politician can end you up in jail.

If you lived in a country like that, wouldn't you also want to vote out the government who created the mess and give someone else a chance to get it right? I don't understand why Zimbabweans don't deserve what South Africa and other countries have, why we have to live under a different set of standards? We want the freedom to make our own choices too.

I don't care about Tony Blair and the west and all that stuff Mugabe was going on about. All I care about is my future and my children's future and how my parents are going to manage to survive when they are too old to work. I am sick with worry about what I'm going to do next. I can't cope anymore. How are we going to survive even a few more years under this government?
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