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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Pope Benedict XVI

Congratulations to Il Papa. I'm not Catholic, but it's good to see that the Catholic Church isn't going to get wishy-washy on us.

What I really like most is while they were waiting for the announcement, ABC radio was getting "insight" from commentators and all of them said that Ratzenger was a no-go, because he was just too hard line. They just don't get it... BTW, the coverage on ABC radio up to the announcement was just ridiculous speculation. They had zero information, but were talking at length about how the cardinals were eating well and that that improved the collegiality between the cardinals, resulting in a quick vote. What pap!

They all have frowns on now... I'm sure statements like this and the following just have the relativists cringing:

The cardinal presided over the congress "Christ: Way, Truth and Life" at the Catholic University of St. Anthony here.

Q: Some interpret the fact of proclaiming Christ as a rupture in the dialogue with other religions. How can one proclaim Christ and dialogue at the same time?

Cardinal Ratzinger: I would say that today relativism predominates. It seems that whoever is not a relativist is someone who is intolerant. To think that one can understand the essential truth is already seen as something intolerant.

However, in reality this exclusion of truth is a type of very grave intolerance and reduces essential things of human life to subjectivism. In this way, in essential things we no longer have a common view. Each one can and should decide as he can. So we lose the ethical foundations of our common life.

Christ is totally different from all the founders of other religions, and he cannot be reduced to a Buddha, a Socrates or a Confucius. He is really the bridge between heaven and earth, the light of truth who has appeared to us.
***UPDATE - 5 secs after posting***
Yep.... The Left has already gone whacko. This post shows Il Papa as the Emperor from Star Wars.


and this
- Pope is a Nazi (Godwin's Law in full effect)

***UPDATE 2***
Michelle Malkin, Wizbang, and Willisms talking.

It's GREAT to see CBS News (and DU for that matter) taking consolation that Ratzenger is 78, so... you know... he'll croak soon enough and THEN we can get a progressive Pope!

Wouldn't be surprised if CBS just keeps its teams in Rome to wait for his death. "We're now into Day 135 of Ratzenger's ultra-conservative papacy... And the Pope still appears to be in good health. *sigh* Only time will tell whether the world will be freed from this radical departure from intolerance and join the 21st century."

***UPDATE 3***
Nazi Conspiracy uncovered here. (Ratzenger was Hitler Youth, Prescott was a Nazi, Bush is a fascist, etc, etc) Sadly, no mention of Rove (or Gannon), as I could invoke ARC's 1st or 2nd Law.

And the Kossacks weigh in here. Seems to be a consensus here from the Left. Pope Benedict is a very, very bad man.

BTW, anyone think that the nets' coverage of this selection process was a bone to the "Values Voters"? They probably felt like they could satiate those of us in the Red States that are "dumb" and cover some religion. Unfortunately for them, they take the opportunity to push for a "progressive" Pope, which is ludicrous to anyone who lives outside of Manhattan.

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