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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Northern Exposure

Captain Ed demonstrates why the Canadian publication ban is ludicrous... I've been saying the same here and here (and on many Canadian blogs). What I don't understand is all the Canadians pretending that they respect the ban on linking to the information while they all go south of the border to read CQB and other blogs. They're all pretending that this is private information, when it clearly isn't.

Come on, folks... I know you Canadians are a tougher lot than this! Heck, you tamed that wild northern frontier and deal with those unbelievable winters... but you can't get the gumption to tell your government to sod off?

I just checked our stats and see that 75% of our puny hits are from Canada. Now folks, I know you're not coming here to read up on Lefty conspiracy theories that are just bonkers (see here and here), although they ARE entertaining to dissect.

I'm sure traffic reports for CQB are also similar. BTW, your IP Addresses have been logged and I'm sending them to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police!!! (if you were scared in the least bit by that last sentence, please let me know by leaving me a Comment.)

***UPDATE 2***
Toronto Sun has this article... seems like the Libs are crying "Vast Advertising Company Conspiracy" at the Adscam scandal.

Harper, PM start war of words


PRIME MINISTER Paul Martin painted the Liberal Party as a victim in the $250-million AdScam scandal yesterday, prompting howls from the opposition that he's more worried about Quebec Grits than Canadian taxpayers. The claim ignited a heated exchange between the PM and Conservative Leader Stephen Harper who accused Martin of having "gall" to take such a stand.

"Liberal spin doctors and Liberal lawyers ... have the gall to depict the Liberal Party as the victim of the sponsorship scandal. Will the government at least have the decency to simply admit that the only victim is the Canadian taxpayer whose money was stolen?" Harper said.

The PM immediately defended his party faithful.

"The Liberal Party consists of thousands of men and women in Quebec and right across this country ... and those members ... should not have to bear the rumours or the burden of the activities of a very small few who may have colluded against the party and against the well-being of Canadians," the PM fumed. "Canadians should have the facts and that is why I called for the Gomery commission ... That is why there should not be an election until Justice Gomery has reported."

Earlier in the day, Martin's Quebec lieutenant, Jean Lapierre, had an emergency teleconference with fellow Quebec MPs who wanted to get information about advertising giant Groupaction ex-boss Jean Brault's testimony last week.

"What I'm really troubled by is the fact that maybe some people that were involved around the Liberal Party, not in official capacity, may have abused the trust that was laid upon them," Lapierre said.

"We may have been a victim of what happened."

NDP Leader Jack Layton called the Grit claim that they've been the victim of fraud "incredible."
Lapierre probably has the same information that Captain Ed has, showing links to officials in the government and the scandal.

Also, here's a flashback to the last election in Canada...

sigh... they just don't get it.
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