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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Murdoch gets it.....sort of....

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Murdoch chastises the paper-based media and alerts them to the impending doom that is coming their way. Relevant part:

Murdoch said newspapers must overhaul how they gather and deliver news to collect the readers and advertising revenue shifting to the Web.

"The trends are against us. Unless we awaken to these changes which are quite different than those five or six years ago, we will, as an industry, be relegated to the status of also-rans," Murdoch told the annual meeting of the American Society of Newspaper Editors.

"We've been slow to react. We've sat by and watched," he said.

He does seem off the mark when he talks about making it people's home page. Thats so 1998.

"The challenge for each of us in this room is to create an Internet presence that is compelling enough that users make it their home page. Just as people traditionally started their day with coffee and a newspaper, in the future I hope that the way they start their day online will be with coffee and our Web site."

Its not the homepage you have to worry about. Instapundit draws millions, but I doubt anybody has it as their home page. Its things like not having to log into the damn web site every single time I want to read an article your paper puts out. Still he's not saying bury your head in the sand the problem will go away, so he gets marks for that

Additional insight into opening business in communist closed societies, versus growing democracies.

In recent years, Murdoch has sought to expand a satellite business in China, but he voiced doubts Wednesday when asked about the business climate there.

"There are indications that it's closing up more than opening up," he said, calling the enterprise "very hard work."

Similar efforts in India have gone much better, he said, even though the potential market is significantly smaller.

Ah the ol' Commie Tax. It may be a huge market, but if it's a closed commie society it may be too expensive to develop the market. Better to pick other fruit.

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