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Monday, April 18, 2005

Hey, We're Not Republicans

The Twinkie-Meister oliver willis posted this a while ago, but is pushing this "grand narrative"

The pieces are all there, folks, and like Chris says - it's time to pull them together.

1 The Republican party is the party of Washington fatcats and DC insiders.

2. Republican leaders like Tom Delay will break the law in order to prolong their political careers, no matter the consequences.

3. Republicans are trying to privatize social security and cut benefits in order to curry favor with their billion dollar friends, while Democrats remain focused on preserving social security's promise to generation after generation.

4. Democrats have worked with Republicans to approve more judges than Republicans did with President Clinton, yet they're dead set on ramming judges significantly out of America's mainstream down our throats. The judiciary is too important to cede all control to one party.

5. The only solution to this, and other messes now being created and made worse by the Republicans, is to elect Democrats.
Summary: Hey, We're not republicans, vote for us!

Of course, this is all predicated on things going poorly for America... And what person outside of the beltway will rally to the call that "Hey, we're not as bad as the GOP under Clinton when it comes to judges!" (Not that I agree with that statement - I seem to remember 2 Supreme Court vacancies filled by Clinton... and 4 of 12 current active judges on the Federal Court of Appeals.

The Dems really need to come up with some ideas... Unfortunately for them, the last idea they had that the electorate agreed with were modifications of GOP policies (see welfare reform). Saying Republicans are scary and warming up New Deal policies just won't work anymore...

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