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Monday, April 18, 2005

Democratic Party or Communist Party USA?

Ok, I've come up with a new game for Another Rovian Conspiracy readers...
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Did the DNC/MoveOn.Org or the Communist Party USA make the following arguments regarding:

Social Security (Note - some editing to remove obvious terminology - original will be restored when quiz is over)

The debate around Social Security is broad. In this report, the following five areas are addressed.

1. The phony crisis -- Financially, social security is sound for the indefinite future, and it would even be possible to increase benefits.

2. The real crisis -- the federal government may face multiple budget and fiscal crises in the next decade. The republicans will try to resolve these crises by imposing harsh austerity programs on the working class, including attacking social security.

3. The economic and ideological stakes -- The attack on social security is a republican attempt to realize immediate and long-term profits, and also to shift the ideological climate decisively to the right.

4. Private investment accounts -- these would greatly undermine both the retirement security of the working class and the financial health of the nation.

5. Secure the future by securing the present -- A program to meet the immediate needs of the people -- education, housing, healthcare, energy, environment -- will lay the best material base to guarantee retirement security in the future.
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