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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

W's News Conference - Live Blog

Now, as a member of the vast, rovian conspiracy, I already have access to whatever Bush is going to say. Oh, and I know what questions my handpicked reporters will ask - at least those with a past life in gay porn.

Anyway, here are the key issues from the press conf:

Social Security - we're still pushing ahead. It's the right thing to do.

Iraq - Long process, good signs politically today.

Questions from the attack dogs errr, objective press.

Why is Italy pulling out?
W: They're going to do so, but only after Iraqis can defend themselves and with the conslutation of the other allies.

Iranians don't like the Euro-carrots.... should we give them more or take the matter to the Security Council [and power up the B-52s]?
W: Iranians are liars as they hid their program from the IAEA and it only came to light when dissident groups publicized it. So, purpose for the program isn't clear...

how long before we go to Security Council?
W: When they reject the current EU3 offer.

David Gregory (NBC): poll after poll shows your take on SS is unpopular... Where's your plan??
W: you're a tool, David - I don't have aplan yet, so how can peope judge it in a poll? PRAs are a better deal than SS and would be voluntary. Nest that you can call your own. PRAs make sure the system works better for an individual worker. All options are on the table.

Dems aren't interested in submitting any proposals
W: Of course not, you tool. Dems are playing politics and I'm not interested in that.. I want a long-term solution. We're open to ideas and I want to work w/ Dems & Republicans [and the dems have been AWOL].

John Roberts (CBS) - Oil prices are huge... concerned about economy and what are you going to do?
W: Yeah, this isn't good. Been worried about it since 2001 when I came to DC. I went to Congress and asked for a comprehensive energy plan and they haven't done dookie. Encourage conservation, find alternative sources of energy, modernization of electricity grid. Need to use technology to get away from reliance on oil/gas and to use technology for coal in an environmentally friendly way.

Terry Moran (ABC), here comes the DailyKos question: Why are we continuing the policy of rendition?
Send terrorists back to their country of origin w/ promise of not torturing them. bite me.

Unpopular choice of Wolfowitz for leader of World Bank. what signal are you sending?
W: Hey, great slant, beyatch. Wolfowitz is qualified and committed to development. He'll do a fine job. Jim Wolfenson (retiring WB pres) made positive comments about Wolfowitz, so bite me.

Jim: Should Tom Delay be sunk?
W: Bite me.

Steroids investigation an abuse of power?
Hey, I brought this issue up a couple of years ago. MLB put in testing process... and should follow through. Congress can do whatever they want - it's their perogative. Effects are greater than just the problems experienced by the prof. athletes - it sends bad signal to youth athletes.

Carl Cameron (FNC): Hey, should the GOP do the nuke option? Which are more important: Judges or agenda
W: Harry Reid can bite me. Vote on the nominees on the floor...

Soshsecurity - What timeline? Would you drop PRAs?
W: PRAs are critical for individuals... choice choice choice, resulting in better rate of return. Timelines - ASAP, the longer we wait, the more difficult it is to solve the problem. There is no trust. pay as you go. PRAs convert this program to real assets, mentioned inheritance/death benefits to survivors - much more attractive than current program.

Death penalty - how can we be so cruel?
W: Death penalty is still important. deterrance.

Message to IRA by not inviting them?
Wanted to make sure we honored those in civil society in Ireland that are working toward the peace process.

Hezbollah could prove they're not a terrorist org if they did xyz.
Hezbollah is on terrorist list for a reason- violent organization. Democracy in Lebanon requires Syria withdrawal of troops as well as intelligence orgs - prerequisite for free election. Promises made during electoral campaign typically are non-violent, so the process of elections is a good thing.

Gay Marriage
court rulings on gay marriage strengthen my position.

Sammon: Any sense of vindication re policy in ME in light of democratization throughout ME in general?
Hey, feel free to criticize me... I don't care. Since I don't care, I won't gloat when history proves I'm right. This isn't about my 8 years in office... it's historical and we'll let future historians figure out whether I was right or not. The people that deserve the credit are the voters in Iraq. They're the ones with the courage in light of the threats they faced. Hard work left.... the process is good, even if you criticize it throughout each step. Your attention on the matter will amplify the positive effects of democracy and freedom.

Will Americas reputation be restored?
People will understand why we do things we do. They thought we were attacking Muslims - in reality, we're liberating Muslims. When we do what we say we're going to do, when we actually follow through ,they'll come around.

payments to journalists... video news packages sent out to networks
pieces are within the law... long standing practice of fed government. Ag/Defense depts do this all the time. justice dept has guidelines. Local stations should disclose it as well. Ken - Bite Me.

regime change in Iran?
Iranian people need to be free...

nativity scenes / 10 commandments on schools/federal property
Yes... I support that. [what a waste of a question]

I've laid out a vision and named a series of options. I'm the only pres to do so. Congress should start discussing possibilities instead of blocking ideas out of hand.

Security Council for Iran if they turn away from EU3 deal? We talking about military solution here
Diplomacy to start.... we've got suspicions and we've just started the process of getting them to understand our unified voice. Have patience....

***Post conference***
Gregory: President realizes that the public is against him on PRAs, so I think we're seeing some movement now by President away from that.

Yeah, sure Davey - that's what I heard, too. puuuhlease. It's good to know that David Gregory now see his job as making policy decisions instead of reporting them.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler