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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Theresa Marie Schiavo (nee Schindler), R.I.P.

Although we've been shouting about the absurdity of the Catch-22 that Terri Schindler-Schiavo found herself in, she finally has succumbed to her husband's cruelty. Unfortunately, our focus and passion on saving her life was inconsistent, peaking only when it seemed like her death might be imminent. If more attention had been paid to her situation in the interim, when the media wasn't deviously running nationwide polls, miscommunicating the facts, and increasing the spotlight on all of those involved, she might have been saved. In the end, Terri's fate was in the hands of two men: her Husband In Name Only (HINO) Michael and Judge Greer. I do not know what's in the hearts of these men, but based on the situation they've created and the actions they've taken, I can only at this point assume that their motivations were less than sincere. Ultimately, we all failed her. We were unable to convince these two men that the facts as they saw them (or wanted to see them) were incorrect.

Let's just pray that God has taken Terri in his arms and welcomed her into his Kingdom and will protect her (something that her husband would never do). I'm confident that God restored Terri's broken body and mind and, like a child, she is in awe of His grace. I hope she now knows with her full heart how much she was loved by her family and friends, and that her situation gripped the entire nation.

May those that wished for her death recognize the error of their ways and realize that humanity is beautiful, regardless of their perception of its "quality." May they find peace in the heart instead of the cruelty that they relentlessly displayed for Terri.

Teresa Marie Schindler
1963 - 2005

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***UPDATE 2***
H/T to WuzzaDem. Vince Aut Moire has an appropriate post from a couple of days ago.

***UPDATE 3***
Michelle Malkin weighs in... as does Pajama Hadin, Confederate Yankee, Outside The Beltway, and GOP Bloggers.

***UPDATE 4***
Based on the coverage by the MSM, I think the Left's "blog swarm" worked... Here's where I lay the blame...

***UPDATE 5***
Don Singleton has links to Living Will forms... so, while we're all thinking about this matter, make sure you fill one out and discuss with your loved ones. Make sure that your family and your spouse don't go through what Michael Schiavo & the Schindlers just did.

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