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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Thanks, Ted Rall!

Just when you start to worry that the Left will at some point wake up and take the War On Terror seriously, they offer up some more stupidity.

Ted Rall's comic from Thursday is a great example:
Ted Rall is a horse's hind end

Here he's attacking the soldiers who fired upon Sgrena's car as it sped at them at 100 mph in night. They ended up killing an Italian agent and wounding several others in the car. I haven't ventured into blasting the Left on this one because it's being handled by some major blogs, such as Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs (case in point).

While the Left laps up Sgrena's conflicting accounts of her own story (failing to show any skepticism of a reporter for a Communist rag), they immediately criticize the US military. Ted Rall & his ilk should be ashamed.

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ARC: St Wendeler

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Vox Poplar said...

America is incredible.

It has so much opportunity that someone who is devoid of talent, knowledge, or basic common sense like Ted Rall can still find gainful employment at the expense of good taste and the facts.

What a country.

On a more serious note... has anyone considered the possibility that Sgrena's little adventure may have been staged as a fundraiser for her 'brothers in revolution?'

It's just a theory, but it makes a lot more sense than some of the stories she's telling.

St Wendeler said...

Well, that is an interesting theory. Unfortunately, we can trust a single word that came out of her mouth, even the words uttered when she was in captivity. Frankly, I'm saddened that the Italian government cut the check to the terrorists. It's not like we're new to this game: paying ransom only encourages more kidnappings.

And with regard to Rall... The guy is a no-talent @ss clown. He can't draw (which I thougt was a pre-requisite for the job); he has no sense of humor or wit; and he's deranged.

Can't believe he gets PAID big bucks for this cr@p.

Patton said...

Well, Rall SHOULD be ashamed, but he's got no shame at all.

Regardless of his view on the "truth" of what happened to Sgrena, only a fool could think that roadblocks are subject to rigorous and polite rules of engagement. Rall qualifies as a fool.