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Sunday, March 13, 2005

A terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist

Good Mark Steyn article today in the Chicago Sun-Times. As one with friends in Ireland, I share his thoughts about Gerry Adams - a thug/terrorist if there ever was one. It's good news that Bush won't be drinkin' a pint celebrating St Patty's Day with him.

Bridgeen Hagans, the late McCartney's fiancee, and his sisters are in America as part of their campaign to persuade some of the dozens of witnesses to his killing to come forward. They're reluctant to do so because, as in any third-rate gangster state, testifying against the local warlords can be severely injurious to one's own health. Recognizing that they had a public relations disaster on their hands, the IRA then offered to make amends to McCartney's grieving loved ones. You're right, they said, it was all a mistake, but don't worry, we're really sorry about it -- and, just to show how sorry we are, we'll murder his murderers for you. As an afterthought, they acknowledged that, as a lot of folks were upset by the brutality of the McCartney whack job, when they got around to murdering his murderers, they'd eschew the sewer rods, abdomen-slitting, etc., and just do it nice and clean with a bullet straight to the head. Very decent of them.

There's a lesson there in the reformability of terrorists. The IRA's first instinct is to kill. If you complain about the killing, they offer to kill the killers. If you complain about the manner of the killing, they offer to kill more tastefully -- "compassionate terrorism,'' as it were. But it's like Monty Python's spam sketch: There's no menu item that doesn't involve killing. You can get it in any color as long as it's blood-red.
BTW, here's an early "Slainte!" to all those with a pint of the Murphys or Guinness on St Patty's Day...

Of course, it would be nice if Bush & Co would recognize this fact (once a killer, always a killer), instead of trying to deal with Hezbollah. Yes, Hezbollah has been "elected" to Lebanon's parliament has a political/social wing... but, so did IRA via Sinn Fein. Since 2001, the goal of US foreign policy was to take principled stance and speak truth to evil - ie, a terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist. It doesn't matter whether your blowing up Irsaeli women & children in buses, Irish/English shoppers, or Americans at work - it's all terrorism and it won't be tolerated. Now, this doesn't mean that we need to send the 4th ID into the Bekaa Valley (although that area could probably use an extreme makeover that only the US Army specializes), but it does mean that you shouldn't elevate their status as a legitimate entity by seeking to accomodate/negotiate with them.

***UPDATE 2***
Although, the claim that the Bush administration wsa doing this was made by the New York Times, so... you know... who KNOWS what the truth really is. JINSA has an interesting take on the matter.

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