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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Someone doesn't understand the Bush Doctrine applies to them

Looks like the Mullah's didnt' pay attention over the past 2 years.

Did they forget that they were part of the axis of evil? Did they see how fast the US military made it to Baghdad? And the tanks are already over there. Wouldn't have to ship them from Diego Garcia for 4 months, while Jesse Jackson offers to negotiate for 'peace'.

***EDIT - St Wendeler***

"Americans and Europeans will be the first to lose in that case," he told more than 50 nuclear scientists and experts attending the Tehran conference. "It will cause problems for regional energy and for the European economy.

(AP) Iranian Vice President Gholamreza Aghazadeh, who is head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization,..."And it will cause additional problems for America. Therefore, no one will benefit from this. It's playing with fire."

Iran suspended its uranium enrichment activities last year to create confidence in its negotiations and avoid Security Council referral. But Tehran says the voluntary freeze depends on progress in ongoing talks with the European Union.

Rowhani said Tehran will call off the talks entirely if it sees no signs of progress by the time a committee of Iranian and European negotiators meets March 17-18.

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