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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Slip of the tongue

H/T InDC Journal

ConfederateYankee has caught that cute little irrelevant Ollie in a little slip of the tongue misstatement or perhaps Ollie has had passionate manlove with Mr GuckerGoschGannon (whatever the heck his name is!).

Oliver's Credibility Problem
A few weeks ago, Oliver Willis went on C-Span with Patrick Ruffini. Glenn Reynolds caught the same comment from O-Dub that several of us did, that, "I'm just not willing to launch a headhunting campaign against someone based on secondhand reports."

Ollie went on to email Glenn: "Now, am I willing to launch a campaign based on firsthand knowledge? You bet."

So now, I am terribly confused.

By quick review of O-Dub's site, I counted at least a dozen posts about Jeff Gannon, including one where he called Gannon a male hooker.

But based upon Oliver's insistence that he wouldn't launch a headhunting campaign on secondhand reports, we are left to assume Oliver has firsthand, personal knowledge to corroborate this claim, correct?

Ollie, have you ever watched any Gladiator movies?

Why, yes... yes, I have!

*Not that there's anything wrong with that. Oh, and it's all about the hypocrisy... ummm, and Ollie (and his party) is just so darn huggably irrelevant. We Love ya, Ollie!!! Keep it up, buddy! Some day, you'll convince us!

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