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Monday, March 14, 2005

Poor Bashar

H/T Or Does It Explode via Instapundit... oh, and be sure to check out the photo gallery from Beirut

Bashar must really wonder what the heck happened.... I mean, he did the Hezbollah rally, saw the Western media retreat in its "Maybe Bush was right" storyline, and all looked like it might work out...

now this.

Bashar must be thinking to himself... "I didn't tell Hezbollah to have another rally. Wait, what is that that they're chanting? 'Syria OUT!'?? 'Freedom'?? That wasn't in the script! Let me get Khatami on the phone..."

Oh, and I think Lebanon will be just fine. I have a feeling this girl won't let some chauvinistic twerp throw a burka over her.

Given Lebanon's history pre-80s, I think they'll do just fine - as long as Syria and Iran are prohibited from interfering.

the Bush Joe-Mentum Momentum continues on... Let's just hope that the NYTimes article from last week about Hezbollah & the Bush admin was the b.s. that we think it is. A Terrorist is a Terrorist is a Terrorist (as opposed to the Left's "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter..... smirk").

***Hey, Opinion8 - Any info from your friend Ziad??? ***

*** UPDATE ***
Decision '08 (HT Insty) sums up the situation in Lebanon in one sentence... which pretty much confirms this A Terrorist is a Terrorist is a Terrorist message.

The Lebanese Situation in One Sentence
From Time magazine:
[Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan] Nasrallah is concerned that Lebanon will move into the U.S. orbit and face pressure to sign a peace treaty with Israel.
Precisely so...Hizbullah and its supporters are terrified of...peace.
Let's just hope that this outpouring from the people eliminates any thought in the Bush administration about dealing with Hezbollah as a legitimate political entity. I have a feeling the comment cited by the Times came from some weenie in the State Dept, which hasn't exactly been up to speed on this whole War on Terror thing. I hope Condi can right the ship over there.

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