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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Party of Death

I had no idea that the Terry Schiavo case was a left/right issue... I mean, we're not talking about a baby in the womb/fetus, but a grown woman with a feeding tube. But, thanks to that super-squishy Oliver Willis (and I mean literally, not figuratively), I find that the Left just can't WAIT to pull the plug on Terry. I had no idea that the liberals in their caucusing decided that Death was what sold... (I'm sure the conversation was probably similar to the famous scene in This is Spinal Tap about their new album, Smell the Glove.)

Anyway, this sardonic Lindsay Beyerstein/Majikthise (who btw is going for her PHD in philosophy at Tufts (YEAH), a sure sign that things are improving in academia), goes through the "propaganda" spouted by Terry's parents. She fails to address many of the issues surrounding the case. For example, she downplays any chance that Terry could regain minimal brain functions with a more stimulating environment (despite claims from some in the medical community *ahem* who've been nominated for Nobel Prizes in the field) and simply writes off anyone who suggests otherwise is a quack. Since the injury occured, Terry has yet to receive any stimulation other than the white walls of her hospital room.

Terry doesn't require life support, other than a feeding tube. Once the tube was removed for a period of several days, Terry continued to live until a judge ordered that it'd be reinserted. Her husband cannot marry his current girlfriend (who he's fathered several children with) until his wife dies (because he can't divorce her) and he stands to gain financially upon her death, either from insurance benefits or just from the fact that he no longer would bear the burden of expenses for her current care.

Now, the parents of Terry Schiavo have video of her following a balloon, making audible noises, etc.. clearly responses to stimuli similar to the woman who came out of a coma after 20 years. I had no idea that the Left would see this case as some right-wing agenda, but they do. Given their position on this and other matters, along with some statements from their hero Peter Singer, the Left is becoming more and more like the NSDAP - and they don't even see it. I suppose that I should rely on Lindsay's judgement regarding life and death and throw caution to the wind.

My position on this issue: when in doubt, err on the side of sustaining life.

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ARC: St Wendeler

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Anonymous said...

As I discuss on my soon to be released blog, the issue here is whether the state can force Terry Schiavo's husband (or anyone else) to keep her alive. The issue that is not being discussed: Because FL and US ciminalize euthanasia, we will probably witness Terry's slow starvation.
BTW - I appreciate the politics - your still a little too "left" but there's hope. go MO!

St Wendeler said...

You've framed the arguments in an interesting way. I agree that the issue is over the ethical/moral dilemma of whether it's okay to pull the plug on someone. My stance on this particular situation (where you have a disinterested husband who has moved on with his life and parents of the patient who have pledged to take care of her), is that you err on the side of life.

I don't have confidence in Michael Schiavo to represent Terri's interests, given his actions since Terry sustained the injury. He has failed to appear at court hearings, has started a new life, etc. That's fine, but it shouldn't mean that he hsa the only say on the matter of life or death. While he's still her legal husband, he probably would've had her sign the divorce papers if she was capable. In practice, he's not behaving according to the vows he took as a husband.