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Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Party of Death, Part II

Acting according to the wishes of Oliver Willis, Geoffrey Feiger, et al, the Democrats have now made their stand, firmly embracing Michael Schiavo's position that he should be allowed to kill his wife so he can "move on and get down with his current girlfriend" (I'm paraphrasing.)

Terri Schiavo - This man wants you dead:

As I mentioned in the original "The Party of Death" post, I had no idea that this issue involving Terri Shiavo was a Left/Right issue, but it clearly is. Today, the Dems and Republicans had agreed that a voice vote would suffice to pass the legislation allowing for a delay in the killing of Terri Schiavo so that this specific incident and situation could be investigated. As reported by the AP, that slimeball Robert Wexler, Dem Rep from Florida, went against the plan to allow a voice vote and called for quorom... meaning that those representatives that weren't in DC on Sunday had to be present or the vote would have to be delayed. 2 things:

  1. Wexler is a scumbag... if it's going to pass, what's the point in delaying the vote? To increase the suffering on Terri? Let's see if she croaks if she misses a couple more feedings? Is that what he's hoping for?
  2. I'm extremely disappointed that those that support this bill didn't have the foresight and the courage to actually stay in Washington and participate in the special session. What a bunch of cowards
Well, Oliver Willis is all atwitter, with stars in his eyes for Wexler.

Here's the video of the Dem House Reps...
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And now the Left is trying to tie Terri Schiavo to increased Medicaid spending... I assume we should probably leave her feeding tube out until Bush proposals a three-fold increase in Medicaid funding. they're shameless... And their determination of which life is useful to society and which is not is reminiscent of the beliefs of a monster just 70 years ago...

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