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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Operation American Freedom


Great Post on Operation American Freedom by sisu. As sortapundit figured out when he tried to argue rationally with the Kossacks about their plan to dig into the personal life of Greenspan (and those in his circle), the Left has become rather vicious of late. No longer will they have an open, honest, and fair debate of the issue or the policies. They'll attack you, throw out red-herrings (Gannon/GayPorn, anyone?), and fail to discuss the actual issue at hand.

As they continue this practice and turn on anyone on their side who might have reservations about the direction they're headed in (just go to DU or DailyKos to see examples of this), the Democratic party will continue to lose at the ballot box. As documented by Evan Coyne Maloney at, many on the Left view the system as broken and are looking for a revolution.

What rational people need to realize is that we cannot be fearful of these nutjobs. We have to speak our minds - otherwise, others will begin to assume that these people speak for the dominant political thought. Where appropriate, we must address these wingnuts with a logic and a calmness - even though we're likely to get something else in response.

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