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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Oh goody.....

Drudge links to info about a new show called "Commander in Chief". This should be good.

I'm a big fan of the West Wing. In the beginning it was for comedy, because it was always just a bunch of political talking points about the liberal issue of the day. They were always talking about how they weren't going to sacrifice their true principles, and how the people would respect them more... right before they did some totally off the wall leftist thing. Because of course the people in their hearts are all in lockstep with them ideologically. Witness the episode where Josh and gang were stuck in the cornfields of Indiana to see an example of how they viewed the heartland. Like I said, hilarious.

Nowadays, the West Wing is more a process story, which has heightened the drama a whole lot. Its about the process of getting stuff done, building coalitions, getting your candidate elected, the chess game of politics, etc. Karl Rove, eat your heart out. Sure they still spout off DNC talking points, but its more subtle than it was before. For the better.

With Geena Davis as the President, I'm sure it will be farce as far as the eye can see.

ARC: Brian

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St Wendeler said...

Hey, what was that show about the USSC? What happened to that and why did it go off the air?

I seem to remember that it was pretty comical. Perhaps that's why it was pulled... too many people were laughing at the comical caricatures of conservatives vs the thoughtful libs.

Brian said...

It was called First MondayIt was the one where the "moderates" on the court kept getting pressured to do the right thing, which always translated to doing the liberal thing.

ARC: Brian