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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Litigating instead of Innovating

BusinessWeek online has an article entitled, "A Linux Nemesis on the Rocks". Interesting analysis of the current status of the SCO v. IBM case.

The most interesting paragraph:

Microsoft, which helped finance the SCO lawsuit by paying $13 million to SCO for a Unix license, claims that Linux, which is available free of charge, costs more to maintain than its own Windows operating system. That tactic doesn't seem to be working, either: In 2004, Linux server computer sales grew 51%, to $4.9 billion, according to Gartner. Microsoft would not comment on SCO but has said in the past that it bought a SCO license to make sure Unix worked with Windows -- and not as a way of financing SCO's suit
If SCO had just invested the $13 million in developing, oh, I don't know, an actual product, instead of what appears to be extorting Big Blue out of billions, maybe they'd be in better shape.

Although Linux adoption is probably not affected in large part by the SCO case, its dismissal should only strengthen the case for Linux on the server side of things. As a long time Linux user (Slackware pre-1.0 release back in '94 or so) I'm happy to be hearing good news.

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