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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Lieberman without Joe-Mentum Momentum in Dem Party

Ok, the title's a stretch, but just have to work Joe-Mentum in there some where. I remember when he came out with that phrase....hilarious. Seemed like even he knew it was a joke.

Anyway, that loveable little ragamuffin Oliver Willis is at it again... Since he's decided to drop his hunger strike "only 3 twinkies a day principled stance" to get Brit Hume to resign, he's now turned on Senator Joe Lieberman. Apparently, the party of inclusion and tolerance is only inclusive and tolerant as long as you don't buck the DailyKossacks, the DUers, the Moron.Orgers, and now the Little Ollies.

Joe Lieberman Should Leave The Democratic Party
Submitted by Oliver Willis on Wed, 03/16/2005 - 11:17pm. Democrats

At some point, it is no longer about policy. It isn't about disagreeing on one issue and agreeing on another. It becomes about what is best for a political movement, and that political movement's ability to move forward and create progress for a nation.

That is why Joe Lieberman should leave the Democratic party.

In the new issue of The New Yorker (March 21) in an article discussing Democrats and foreign policy, Joe Biden is asked about Howard Dean. Senator Biden obviously has a different read on foreign policy than Governor Dean, so he answers the reviewer with a generic statement that the party chairman makes little difference in foreign policy. He's made it clear that he disagrees with Dean, but chooses not to launch a national attack on the chairman of the god damn party.

Not Joe Lieberman. Not the original Two-Face himself. No. Joe Lieberman makes a point of flipping the bird at the party that helps keep his ass in Washington and voted for him as its vice-presidential nominee five years ago.
"Dean was wrong on the war and what he was talking about was bad for the country. We'll see what he does as chairman. If he devotes his energies to building a party at the base, as he talked about doing, good for him. If he continues to be a prominent spokesman on defense policy, I would regret it"
Leave aside the question of policy (I happen to agree with Dean, but that is not the point). Joe Lieberman feels that as a Democrat, it's a good idea to launch a public attack on the party chairman. Why? Why the hell does he do this? Why is Joe Lieberman actively hurting the Democratic party? He knows the media salivates over the notion of a party member disagreeing with party leadership, and the GOP is smart enough to keep their disputes behind closed doors. But Joe Lieberman, seduced by the lights, camera, and ink can't wait to be the "maverick" once again, knifing his party in the back.
Nevermind that Dean (and Ollie and all those folks) were wrong about the war. Sure, it didn't make sense if you wanted to perpetuate the status quo... but if you wanted to change the entire face of the Middle East, increase the chances of peace in Israel, etc... it was the right move and history will prove that out.

Read the whole sorry excuse for an attack on the Democrats' most principled Senator...

Oh, and note the nice comment at the end of Ollie's post:
Go. And don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split you.
Not sure what he's trying to imply there... Is this a reference to the Senator's butt or something else? In light of his recent comments about Wolfowitz being "filthy", this is disconcerting... wtf is going on over there???

Read the whole post... what a dork.

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