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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Jeff Jarvis does a play-by-play on Churchill

Jeff does a play-by-play of Ward Churchill's appearance on Bill Maher's show. Must read, check it out.

This part had me echoing Jeff:

Instead, Churchill says that, OK, this poor man's brother wasn't guilty but then he says, "Would you make the counter argument that there was no one who fit the description... that there was immaculate genocide?"

Immaculate genocide? What the F does that mean?
Exactly, what does that mean? It kind of illustrates the talking of the left these days. Just string together two big words and you think you're profound.

---UPDATE - ARC: St Wendeler---
Video of the insanity
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My two cents:
  • I love the enthusiastic, talk-show-host introduction...
  • Maher likes Ward's transcript in full, but feels that Ward was taken out of context.
  • I love the way Ward tries to express himself in his normal, post-modernist speak and Maher realizes this isn't going to fly and jumps in to bring him back to reality.
  • Why they hate us? Rather than recognizing that the ideology of fascistic, radical Islam is evil and insane, we have to understand why it causes them to hate us? I can't believe Maher actually thinks they have some valid reasons to hate us... (Bill - They're probably not the reasons you're thinking of... they're probably more closely related to things such as sex on TV, the "liberated woman" (and I'll recognize here that you've consistently been a male chauvinist pig in this dept, so perhaps you agree with OBL on that one), etc.) Did we seek to understand why Hitler hated the Jews? Why he hated democracy? Who the @#$k cares, BILL!

Question 2: As Maher and the entertainment elite who partially agree with Ward (perhaps in spirit, but not in tone), does this spell the recognition of the moderates that the Left really seeks the destruction of the US? (i.e. what is the political impact of this issue as those on the Left such as Maher begin to embrace this nutjob?)

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