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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Id be pissed....

Austin Bay reviews Peggy Noonan's column in the WSJ today and is spot on in his analysis of the things CBS News could do to rise again in the news business.

One that specifically stands out:

(1) Find Lucy Ramirez (the unicorn in the Dan Rather fraud
documents scandal). If they can’t find Lucy R., then the revived CBS can tell us
who fabricated her. You find Lucy Ramirez Frankenstein’s creator and it’s a good
bet you’ll discover who produced the fraudulent National Guard
Thats one of the things that has always bugged me about CBS's reaction to the National Guard story. If I were rather I'd be pissed. Pissed at Mary, pissed at management, pissed at Bill Burkett, pissed at originator of the forgery, pissed that I was made to look like a fool. (Ed: Even if you deserved it?) And the outlet of that anger would be directed at the originator of the fraud.

I'd have 60 Minutes II (Ed: its 60 Minutes Wednesday now... Oops) do one of those things that made 60 Minutes famous. The "drop-in" interview. I'd have camped out at Bill Burkett's house. He certainly doesn't seem like a whiz at the media game. I'm sure he'd crack in pretty short order.

Then move on to the Kerry Campaign: "What did you know and when did you know it?"

Of course they can't do as Austin Bay suggests, because it would likely stop with Burkett, and CBS would demonstrate to the world what the blogosphere already knows. They are just partisan political teleprompters.

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St Wendeler said...

Good Post, fellow conspirator! Although that Ed guy kept interrupting you. Now, let's drive hits!!!!

BTW, Rather is a tool for not seeing the story that his "story" became. I thought he wanted to break the story if these docs were proved to be forgeries.

Of course, this all goes back to the fact that even the CBS report FAILED TO RECOGNIZE WHAT EVER IDIOT familiar with this story has recognized - that these docs ARE forgeries.