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Monday, March 07, 2005


Glenn / InstaPundit has a great roundup of some of the events from South America, specifically regarding Hugo Chavez's influence on the region. From Colombia to Bolivia to the new Land Law in his own country (Venezuela), it looks like the forces of Mordor are gathering down South.

Now, Chavez is a good buddy to the Dems, especially Jimmah Carter who monitored the last "election" there and said "I SEE NUTHINK" (in a Sgt. Schultz voice) when there was conspicuous evidence of election fraud. (Instead of doing it the hard way like the Dems and slashing tires, bribing voters with crack, encouraging voters to vote in multiple counties in states that have same day registration, having the dead vote, etc.), Hugo just reversed the vote tallies. In addition to Jimmah, many in the Democratic leadership denounced BUSH when he failed to denounce a coup that overthrew Chavez for a few days..

Anyway, with the apparently leftward lurch of Chavez towards the "Pol Pot/Robert Mugabe economic miracle," will the Democrats take THIS opportunity to denounce Chavez/communism? (I mean, it's probably the LAST chance that they'll have to denounce communism, since the ideology is already on the ash-heap of history.. there are just some smoldering embers that some idiots are trying to resurrect.) Also, given his ties to FARC, the narco-terrorists that are undermining Colombia, his potential role in the Bolivian communist movement, etc... should ANY US government official be defending this guy?

Now, to the serious policy discussion... (which obviously doesn't include a discussion of Democrats, since they haven't been anywhere close to a serious foreign policy issue since the Korean War). George W. Bush needs to pay more attention to this growing instability and decrease in liberty in our own hemisphere. Clearly, the longer that Chavez is in power, the more that problems will grow in South America. The last thing we need to do is re-fight an ideological battle which we won during the 1980s in Latin America. If the Venezuelans are stupid enough to legitimately elect this guy, then that's one thing. But there were clear indications of election rigging by Chavez and we should push for his removal through a peaceful process. If true, documented ties to FARC and other international terrorist organizations can be established, then (in my opinion) the Bush Doctrine goes into effect: Strong diplomatic notice that this will not be tolerated followed up by decisive action.

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