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Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Well, it looks like they've unraveled another rovian conspiracy (ARC). They keep finding some of our best efforts...

Hat Tip to Ollie... you pudgy little ragamuffin! Here, have a twinkie... Now go demand that Brit Hume resign... so, adorable that little guy.

Jan Frei (of those objective "news" organizations AlterNet and writes about how the South Dakota blogs influenced the S.D. Senate race between John Thune and Tom Daschle and the resultant upset victory by Thune. It's a rather long story (presumably to keep us neanderthals from reading it), but here are the main points:

1 - Right-of-Center blogs set up
A couple of bloggers feel that their most influential newspaper in the state has an uncritical eye for Daschle. Before the senate campaign kicked off, 3 conservative blogs were created and they started sharing news about the campaign. (As is common in the blogosphere, themes develop and people banter back & forth on the issues.) Apparently, they all felt that the Argus Leader (the main paper in S.D. and called the Grey Lady of SD by Frei himself) had consistently given Daschle favorable coverage over the years. The paper failed to investiage questionable tax deductions and presumably other issues.

2 - Facts & Truth come out
Doing some research, they find out that the editor/report covering politics and the campaign for the Argus Leader is an old college buddy of Daschle. Apparently, they get this information from Jeff Gannon (insert gay porn evil music here) and one of Daschle's former opponents from the 1980s. This is not disputed by anyone... not even Jan Frei. The concern here is that while the information about the relationship between Daschle and AL reoporter is TRUE, it was discovered by someone who has political views that are more conservative than Ted Kennedy's (hard to imagine, I know) - this is the damning piece of information which threatens the Republic. Oh, and the fact that Gannon was a gay prostitute - you know, BECAUSE OF THE HYPOCRISY!!!

3 - Blogs make sure that facts/information is covered by Argus Leader
These three bloggers target the Argus Leader to cover stories which are reported by newspapers out of the state, but not by the Argus Leader. (Question: If a story was released in washington that was damaging to MY Senator here in Missouri, would I expect it to be covered by the St Louis Post-Dispatch???? You betcha). Jan and presumably the Kossacks and Willies all see this as some sort of right-wing agenda.

4 - Conflicts of Interest by Bloggers
One of the bloggers worked for Thune's 2002 campaign, which lost to Johnson by 500 votes (where there was evidence of voter fraud which the Argus Leader didn't investigate too much). This blogger and another were both paid several thousand dollars for what they claim was strategery consulting. Who knows what they actually did. They both now admit that this should have been disclosed. (Oh, Jan - be sure to question their conflict of interest, but DO NOT question the COI of the editor/reporter at the Argus Leader.)

So, that's it in a nutshell. I read through the entire story, looking for the boogeyman (aka Karl Rove) to turn up, but he didn't. Per his M.O., he keeps to the inky shadows... I'm sure the Kossacks are scouring gay porn sites looking for some pics of these 3 bloggers in South Dakota. The FUTURE OF OUR DEMOCRACY DEPENDS ON IT, DAMNIT!!!


a little ironic that a partisan political operative writes a story about some center-right bloggers and uses the term "partisan political operatives" to describe them. Do they know that we're laughing at them? Do they care? Do they really think that this insanity matters?

Your Co-Conspirator,
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