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Monday, March 07, 2005

Greenspan = Political Hack

Well, the Kossacks are tickled red pink that Harry Reid (Senate Minority Leader) called Greenspan a political hack... I bring this up because, in an opportunity to minimize these remarks, Nancy Pelosi (House Minority Leader) failed to do so on FoxNews Sunday and echoed his sentiments that Greenspan has become politicized. Senator Babs Boxer (D-CA and Darling of the Kossacks) echoed Pelosi and Reid as well on Face the Nation.

Dick Durbin was reluctant to characterize the statement as going too far, but at least he did on Meet The Press. (Kudos to Russert for catching the hypocrisy of these Dems who gave praise to Greenspan back in the '90s.)

As commented in a previous post here on ARC, the Kossacks are going after Greenspan.

I think it's great that the LEADERSHIP of the Democratic party is now parroting the thoughts and wishes of the wingnuts over at DailyKos. I mean, this is an obvious self-immolation - the Dems will never regain the majority by continuing down this path.

While I may not have agreed with Greenspan's policies over the years (ie raising interest rates to cool down the 90s economy (in order reduce the possibility of inflation when no inflation appeared to be on the horizon)), I would NEVER have called him a political hack or a partisan political operative (a term used often by some in the MSM describe their opponents).

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