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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Freedom Breaking Out All Over, Part Deux

Follow-Up to Part Un

There's something in politics called Joe-mentum momentum, and this applies to foreign policy/international relations as well. As each new experiment in democracy succeeds, others experiments will follow. The hopes of billions of people are that at some point in the future (distant? near? who knows!) all people will have self-determination for their government (I believe it was Mr. George Jefferson Thomas Jefferson who wrote that all men humankind is endowed by its Creator with certain inalienable Rights, [and] that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, so if you disagree with my previous statement, you probably do not subscribe to the fundamental ideas on which our country was established.)

Well, WSJ's Opinion Journal has a nice op-ed from Claudia Rosett about this desire for Liberty and Freedom as expressed by the tireless opposition of one Dr. Nguyen Dan Que to his oppressive government in Vietnam. The courage that this man faces in light of his 20+ years in jail is amazing. Will we see a wave of democracy throughout the authoritarian countries in Asia as well as in the Middle East (I know, M.E. = SW Asia, but you know what I mean... you know who I'm referring to... fine, lemme spell it out: PRC, NK, Vietnam, etc, etc)?

Only time will tell... I'm sure Mr. Jefferson is casting a watchful eye on the process

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ARC: St Wendeler