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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Fly Boeing

Short Final, Cleared to Land has an interesting post regarding a recent trip on Airbus and the crash of Flight 587 in 2001 (an Airbus A320). Read the whole post, because it contains some interesting information into Airbus' lobbying regarding the final results of the NTSB investigation.

SFCL also found this pic from someone else's adventure on an Airbus plane.

You shouldn't see engine parts mid-flight. Let's all fly Boeing planes...

If you haven't already seen this, Transterrestrial Musings has a great post on the implications of Airbus' quality for future space flight. Be sure to read the full post.

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Anonymous said...

Not that I'm any fan of Frogbus, but, to be fair, they don't make the engines or the missing cowling